Honestly, if I would say B.Tech surpasses BCA and MCA.


1) First, its course duration:

B.Tech = 4 years

BCA + MCA = 6 years (for the highest college, if you do it from IGNOU, then it will be completed in 5 years)

so here you have two more Years, yes, you won’t get any benefit over B.tech.

2) Course value:

Currently in our society if you do B.tech then only you can be an engineer, if it is BCA + MCA then you will not be regarded as an engineer title.

3) At work.

If you are doing B.Tech, then you will always give priority to MCA students. I don’t know why this is the case, but if you have an MCA degree, all companies will also be less qualified than B.tech students.

I face the same situation with regard to campus placement. IT companies come to recruit IT, staff. They do not allow MCA candidates to participate in driving. Yes, they allow all B.Tech trading students. Now think of any chemical engineering student or civil engineer. Students are more qualified to work in IT than MCA students.

As a result, B.Tech degree holders gain some benefits at each step. In the job, the largest companies have the same two-degree programs, and only a few people might give MCA candidates more stuff, only too few extras.

However, if you have good knowledge, no one will stop you from rising in this field. You will only encounter problems after experiencing some experience. It all depends on your knowledge. After this experience, no one will ask your degree.

One more thing: If you are reading BCA now, then please do n’t stop at BCA and go to MCA, you will have more chances to find a job after MCA, but there are very few opportunities after BCA and it is not a good opportunity. After BCA, you will get the largest data entry operator or technical support, BPO, etc., which will no longer help you in the future.

I hope it will resolve and forgive any syntax errors. 🙂

All went well!

Btech.CS and mca are equal opportunities. (But there is 2yrs.difference)

Btech.holders get the same position 2yrs. earlier and upgrade to premium.

So BTech. it’s the best.

BCA vs B.tech salary in India

an average salary or B.tech employe is 30k/month ( It also depends on which stream you are and from which college you have done your graduation)

an average BCA Employee salary is 15k/month( It also depends on which stream you are and from which college you have done your graduation)


also, check b.tech syllabus or BCA/mca Detailed syllabus


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