Tips You should Follow Before Exam ( A day/night Before )

Basically, nowadays more than hard work people believe in smart work and I think there is nothing wrong it this concept. Even we all should follow this.

Before Exam (Study Tips) we should not loose our calm, it affects in our exam just because we loose our calm and do silly mistakes.

study important tips

There are 2 type of students the first one always study on regular ( 8-10 hrs/day) base and the second one understands the topics clearly and notes them out properly ( 2-3 hrs/day) but at the end both get same marks in this story there is no offense for those who study 8-10 hrs this is for them who thinks that they can not study this much so they should do smart work in less time by this they will get definitely good result.

Follow these Study tips for smart study ( Before Exam Study Tips ).

1- Be motivated while study. ( always note down those things by which u get motivation and try to read that at least once in a day you will get positive vibes )

2- when you are studying only think about the topic or subject you are studying. ( do not think other things that distract you).

3- make sure your study place is clean and well organised ( this is very important when your place is well organised ]

4- Use flow chart and Diagrams ( This has been proved that this raises your imagination power)

5- Practice the previous exams papers ( 90% of successful people gives this advice and it 100% works at least you gets the idea of your exam.

6- whatever you are studying revise that at-least once in a day ( you can discuss it with your classmate/friends)

7- Do not skip your diet ( For a healthy mind a healthy meal always required)

8- Plan properly a day before your exam ( For a better result planning is very important)

9- Drink water ( It keeps you hydrated and gives you positive vibes which is very important )

10- Last but not least review and revise ( always test your self and check where are you going wrong and make it right)

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