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Ctet syllabus 2020 for paper 1 and paper 2, exam pattern, preparation tips, mock tests, overall question papers, last year answer sheet.

Ctet syllabus 2020 has been released by the CBSE [central board of secondary education] 


There are mainly containing five subjects including child development and pedagogy-, language-1 [complusary], language -2 [complusary], mathematics, environmental studies, science and social science[ as per choice].

There are two exams that will be held on paper- 1 and paper-2. paper -1 for class 1st to 5th standard and paper -2 for 6th to 8th standard. 


 The aspirant needs to crack the paper-1  if they want to appoint as a teacher of class 1st to 5th and if they crack the paper -2 they appointed as a teacher for class 6th to 8th.


Take Study Serious 

Differentiation of Ctet syllabus between paper -1 and paper 2

Paper 1

CTET Subjects CTET Important Topic
  1. Child development and pedagogy
Child Development, Learning, and pedagogy
  1. Language-1
Comprehension, Pedagogy of Language Development.
  1. Language-2
Comprehension Pedagogy of Language Development
  1. Mathematics
Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, multiplication, Division, Geometry.
  1. Environmental studies
Family And Friends, Food, Shelter, Water, Travel.


Paper 2 


Ctet subjects Ctet important topic
  1. Child development and pedagogy
Child Development and Learning and Pedagogy.
  1. Language-1 
Comprehension, Pedagogy of Language Development.
  1. Language-2
Comprehension Pedagogy of Language Development
  1. Mathematics
Mensuration, Geometry, Number System.
  1. Science
Natural Resources, Food, Material
  1. Social science
Geography, History, Social and Political Life.


Marks Pattern for CTET


Paper Name Marks
Paper 1 150
Paper 2 150


About CTET Exam


If you want to score the highest marks in CTET exam, candidates are advised to go through the all above-mentioned topic. read each and every portion related to that exam. however, exam papers, questions paper, mock test plays a very crucial role through preparation for the exam.

Ctet exam will be conducted in two phrases paper-1 and paper-2.both have objective multiple-choice questions. the syllabus of CTET exam is very lengthy. the main topic revolves around is child development and pedagogy and concept of education in school. mathematics and environmental studies are the most important and also major sections of CTET exam. candidate must prepare all the sections related to CTET exam.


The content of CTET exam is given below.


Child Development and Pedagogy


  1. Language and Thought
  2. Principle of child development
  3. Evaluation of learning
  4. Piaget, Kohlberg, and Vygotsky: Construct and Critical perspective
  5. Thinking And Learning in children 
  6. Concept of development and its relationship with learning
  7. Principles of child development
  8. Influence of heredity and environment
  9. Socialization process
  10. Concept of child-centred and progressive education
  11. Construct of intelligence and multidimensional intelligence
  12. Language and thought
  13. Gender issues in the social construct
  14. The individual difference among learners
  15. Evaluation of learning
  16. Evaluation of achievement and formation of questions
  17. Inclusive education and addressing children from diverse backgrounds
  18. Identifying and addressing the talented creative specially-abled learners
  19. Thinking and learning of children
  20. The basic process of teaching and learning
  21. Child a problem solver and as a scientific investigator
  22. Alternative conceptions of learning in children


Mathematics and Pedagogy




  1. Number system
  2. LCM and HCF
  3. Measurement
  4. Geometrical shapes
  5. Problems based on automatic
  6. Data handling and patterns




  1. Nature of mathematics
  2. Place of mathematics in the curriculum
  3. Language of mathematics
  4. Community of mathematics
  5. Evolution
  6. Error analysis
  7. Diagnostic and remedial teaching
  8. Problems of teaching in mathematics


Environmental studies and pedagogy


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  1. Environmental studies
  2. Family and friends
  3. Plant and animals
  4. Water
  5. Shelter
  6. Travel
  7. Things we know do and make
  8. Biodiversity
  9. Food and nutrients



  1. Concept of environmental studies
  2. Learning of principles
  3. Scope  relation to science and social science
  4. The problem of environmental studies teaching
  5. Teaching aids materials
  6. Activity and experimentation
  7. Approaches and methods of presenting the concept
  8. Discussion


English language and pedagogy

  1. Grammar
  2. Unseen passage
  3. Unseen poem

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  1. Learning and acquisitions
  2. Principles of language teaching
  3. Role of grammar in learning a language
  4. Remedial teaching
  5. Teaching-learning materials
  6. Evaluation of comprehension and language skill
  7. Language skills
  8. Challenges of teaching language in a diverse classroom

Key Tips For ctet syllabus 2020



  • Continuous Study
  • Read CBSE Books
  • Practice old Exam Papers
  • Plan for Your Exam
  • Daily Revision
  • Take mid Brake
  • Make proper Notes
  • Stay Motivated
  • Proper Meal
  • Make Study Links 


These 5 Precautions are taken while giving Exams


  • Don’t Be Panic
  • Read Question Paper Carefully
  • Prepare Well For Exams
  • Save time to Revise the Answer Sheet
  • Drink water During Exam

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