Let me give you a realistic and practical way of getting a decent CGPA in bits Pilani, goa campus:-

Caution:- All the following points are based on my personal experience and mindset so it may not work for all.

  • As everyone suggests to attend all the lectures irrespective of how useless and boring they are, I don’t believe in that thing. You are in college after two years of struggle and this new freedom won’t let you follow any type of strict schedule, It doesn’t matter how dedicated you are before coming(some exceptions are always there). So what I suggest you choose your time table very carefully (best teachers neglect lecture timings) so that you can have an interest in the lecture which will only force you to attend those. Otherwise, just go to tutorials and you will be ok.
  • Next thing about maintaining regularity which also not going to happen because you will surely get involved in many new activities here, which will consume your whole day and you won’t feel like doing anything after all that. So what I suggest is just keep a track of whats going on in the classes by giving some time every weekend and get serious about academics(it should be your first priority now) 15 days prior to the exams(mid sem and end sem).
  • One general problem people face here is from where to study (believe me if you have a relevant source, you just need 2–3 days to complete the whole sem syllabus of the subject). To maintain a good relationship with those some exceptions (regular) to check the class notes for an overview of topics and then ask your seniors or just do much research for the best source (it may be youtube, any book, just class notes or pdf’s).
  • The last and most important factor is your circle if you want to get 8+ CGPA, surround yourself with the people of the same caliber and at least that much seriousness towards academics. You won’t give a fuck about all the toppers getting high marks, in the end, you will feel the competition only among your friends so choose your company wisely from the very starting.
  • One last tip I want to give is to do whatever you want, go for games, activities or hit the gym just anything but don’t get the habit of just laying on the bed, stuck to your phone, laptop or gaming zone. Otherwise, you will feel difficult to get active in those 15 days.

All the best.

And welcome to the new phase of your life.


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