Here, I will tell you how to prepare for exam.


Preparing for an exam can be one of the easiest or toughest jobs. It depends on your thinking. If one takes the exam as life’s most horrible thing, it can scare you to the core. One must relax his/her mind before taking some exam by some meditation, it would boost your thinking and confidence, which in turn helps you learn more, in nutshell, you will be graced with success.

how to prepare exam

First of all, a learner must organize his/her study space and gather all the topics regarding the must never be scared of the size of the syllabus, humans have made the syllabus, the syllabus is never going to make humans. One must take the exams as one step that you have to cross to go to the next one. Secondly, studying with your peer group helps you in attaining things faster and with more reasoning ability. Your peer group helps you in learning thoroughly.

Further, you must take regular breaks to make your mind fresh to learn effectively. Eating something during breaks helps your brain energizing

itself, RELAX it would assist you in gathering more and more…

Furthermore, revising the topics with your friends by asking everyone to repeat a particular topic helps you learn faster. Topic learned 

with friends is remembered for long.

In the end, before taking any exam,6-7 hrs sleep is a must.This will make your mind peaceful and the next day, you remember everything to the fullest. You can take your exam with zero stress level, this, in turn, keep your hormones in check. SO DON’T BE SCARED OF EXAMS, TAKING EXAMS HELPS YOU IN INTROSPECTING YOURSELF


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