What is BCA?

BCA Stands for the Bachelor in Computer Application.
BCA is a 3-year graduation degree course generally for those students who want to learn Computer languages and after that who wants to join Software Companies. These days every course has its own importance.
BCA have also there owned. Some students who were not able to take a 4 year BTech graduation degree course in Computer Science branch, they join the BCA course.
The most logical step after the BCA course is to pursue an MCA. Alternatively, you may look into jobs in the IT sector or related fields.

what is bca

Job Perspective:
After completing the BCA course students can start as a Junior Programmer or a Software Tester and then move higher up the ranks and attain the role of a Senior Programmer.
IT industry is booming in India and even in times of global recession, the Indian scene was relatively stable.
While BCA gives students a solid grounding in technology theory, career-wise, you’re more likely to find your competitive edge by completing your MCA.
After graduation, a student with a B.Tech degree has greater job opportunities than a student with a BCA. Still, junior programming positions and software testing jobs are available to BCA graduates; from there you can climb up. The IT sector in India is a very stable one.

Future Scope:

There may be chances of future scope-
1) One can go for the job in software companies like Infosys, TCS, Google,
Tech-Mahendra, Patni, WIPRO and some other software companies.

There is no way any IT company will going to higher BCA pass out (with no other qualification).

So if BCA passes out is interested in the IT or software field, they have to have to join the MCA course in a reputed university. MCA degree is equivalent to B.E from computer science from hiring point of view for most of IT companies.

otherwise, they can prepare for an MBA or UPSC.

MCA after BCA or job?

In MCA, you will be having some similar papers like in BCA. And your programming skills will be developed by doing MCA. Job is the risk if you get a good job then you can learn in a job but there are many technical skills that you will learn in MCA. So go for MCA regular. Try to pass a good entrance exam. And make a bright career in the IT industry.

Good luck 🙂


After BCA anyone can get 15k per month then after it depends on the person and the person’s hard work and company or college.

After MCA anyone can get 30k- 50k per month then after it depends on the person and the person’s hard work and company or college.

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